A Step Ahead Child Center


Communication is key!

At A Step Ahead Child Center, we believe in and strongly encourage two-way communication. Both your own and your child's experience will be greatly enhanced by communicating with our teachers and administration. Please always let us know if you ever have any concerns or questions.

Our Director and staff are always here to help make your family's experience an exceptional one!
Talking on the phone

Parent Resources

You will be able to learn detailed information about your child, as well as our various events and activities through the following resources available to you:

Parent/Teacher Conferences

A parent/family meeting is offered within 45 days of enrollment and after each transition to a new class to share observations and goals for your child. We provide a minimum of 2 formal conferences annually with you in person or by phone. You may arrange a conference at any time throughout the year.

Incident Reports

Incident reports inform you about any minor bumps, bruises, scrapes.

We will call if anything more serious is observed!

Posted Notices

Important notices are posted in the entrance, as well as the designated sign-in area for each room.

Child's Mailbox

In addition to all the ‘refrigerator art’ you will receive, we include lots of good information!

Facebook Page

Check out our Facebook page for weekly photos, reminders and event announcements!

This Website

This site will always have current information about our policies, career opportunities, and more.


Call, email or simply stop by any time to speak to the Director and staff. We are here full-time for you!